Flight Planning

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factors lead electric shock:Drilling through cables./Using defective tools/ Failure to denergize circuits and follow Lockout procedure. /Failure to guard live parts.

Recognise hazards Careful planning of safety procedures reduces the risk of injury.  ex: lock out and tag out circuits - Plans for actionsControl hazards :- create a safe work environment / - use safe work practices.Evaluate hazards it is best to identify all possible hazards first, then evaluate the risk of injury from each hazard. It is dangerous to overlook hazards. Job sites are dangerous./The risks in work environment need to be evaluated. Hazards need to be controlled.

safety signs: are displayed at the workplace to inform people about the rules and regulations

Earth wire: Yellow or green Neutral wire: blue Live wire: brown

2pin plug witout ground: type C

3pin with ground: F

3pin with g and fuse : G

Ring circuit: cable start from the consumer unit travels to each socket on mains and whe it reaches last socket it returns to consumer unit. Advantage: power can reach the sockets from both directions reducing power load.

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