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Collective nouns—people:

An audience of listeners//a cast of actors 
A band of robbers//a class of students 
A papel of experts//a crew of sailors
A congregation of worshippers//a team of cricketers
An army of soldiers//a troupe
An orchestra of musicians//a crowd of onlookers
Collective nouns—animals
A swarm of bees//a nest of vipers
a pride of lions// a litter of puppies
A brood of chickens//a menagerie of animals
A pack of wolves//a herd of cattle 
A colony of ants//a school of porpoises// a broop of monkeys
Collective nouns—things
A constellation of stars// a ream of tears
A stack of paper// a set of cutlery
A fleet of ships// a sheaf of corn
A network of computers//a compilation of songs
A flight of steps// a chest of drawers
A stack of dishes// a batch of scones////
Suitable or agree a table to the needs of porpose:CONVENIENT
Contest or tournament:COMPETITION
To seize or take away:CONFISCATE
A resident or townsperson:CITIZEN
A group of people appointed for a specific function:COMMITEE
Devoted or dedicated to a cause:COMMITED
Farming a unit by itself not joined to something else:SEPARATE
To screechor scream:SHRIEK
A law enforcement officer:SHERIFF
A clerical assistant a person who works in an office:SECRETARY
Having ownership:POSSESION
A special right or benefit: PRIVILAGE
To lead the way or to go before: PRECEDE
Odd or unusual:PECULIAR

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