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What is an adjective?

Adjectives tell us something about a person or a thing.

Where do you put the adjective?

Before the noun

What is an adverb?

Adverbs tell us in what way someone does something.

Where do you put the adverb?

Close to the verb

Types of adjectives

How: easily

How often: never

When: before

Where: inside

Types of adverbs

Adverb of manner: quickly

Of degree: very

Of frequency: often

Of time: now

Of place: here

Use of adverbs

To modify verbs: the handball team played badly last Sunday

To modify adjectives: it was an extremely bad match

Modify adverbs: the handball team played extremely badly last Sunday

Quantities: there are quite a lot of people here.

Sentences: unfortunately, the flight to Dallas had been cancelled.

Create four sentences using participle adjectives describing a type of Clothing, family member, or object.

1.-I was really satisfaced with the sweater

2.-John is frightened of spiders

3.-I read a really interesting book about history

4.-That game is more boring than this one.

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