Flight Planning

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  • The SED controlled the government, supported by the Soviet Union, From 1949 with power lying with the First Secretary of the Party, Ulbricht. 
  • The GDR became in effect a one-party state; elections involved voting For a list of government-nominated candidates. 
  • Collectivisation was introduced as the mainstay of agricultural policy
  • Socialist economics and planning was used to develop industry and FiveYear Plans were introduced. 
  • In 1950, the GDR parliament enabled the creation of a Ministry for State Security (the Stasi); many East Germans became collaborators after 1953. 
  • From the mid-1950s repressive policies were increasingly introduced to Consolidate communist control of the SED, including the crime of ‘flight From the republic’. 
  • Limited
  • In 1953 many workers took advantage of their constitutional rights to go On strike and to demonstrate against government policies.
  • The SED had to rely on Soviet troops to put down the June uprising of 1953. 
  • Collectivisation was unpopular and led to many East German farmers Emigrating.
  • 1960-61 were years of crisis with growing dissatisfaction, increased Emigration to the West and threats to the security of East Berlin .
  • It took the building of the Berlin Wall and a physical border between the GDR and the FRG to be able to establish communist control and policies.  

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