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Irish Coffe: Heat hte glass over the flare lamp by Turning it round using the stem/ Put the sugar into the glass/ Measure the Whisky into the glass/ Leave a teaspoon in the glass and add the piping hot Coffe/ stir until all the sugar is dissolved/ Steady the líquid with the spoon. Allow the bowl of the spoon to rest on top of the coffee and push it gently Against the side of the glass. /Pour the cream into the bowl of the spoon until It comes within aproximately 6mm from the top of the glass. Do not rest the Cream jug on the rim of the glass and do not pour to Quickly. /serve on a doileyed side plate.

Smoked Salmon: note: the salmon should have been Prepared ready for carving beforehand/ Before carvin extract the long bones Embedded in the flesh using a pair of tweezers/ Carve wafer thin slices of Salmon, working from head to tail, continue carving and arrange the slices Nearly on a cold 200mm plate/ REmove the dark flesh by cutting a V incision This should not be served as it contains bitter oils/ The finished dish.

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