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Steak Tartar: 1/start to make the sauce by putting the Salt, pepper, and French mustard into the soup plate 2/Add the lemon juice 3/ Combine the ingredients withe a service fork 4/Add a little olive oil 5/Add the Egg yolk and a little more olive oil. Mix well 6/Ensure that the emulsion is Achived 7/Add the dry ingredients and mix well 8/ Add the chopped steak and Fold in the sauce using a service spoon and fork. The sauce should be evenly Distributed trhough the steak. 9/ add a little brandy and mix well 10/Transfer To a cold joint plate and shape with two forks. 11/Garnish with onion rings and Chopped parsley, Anchovy fillets may be chopped and added with the dry Ingredients, or kept whole and used to garnish de finished dish.

Fraises Romanoff:  1/Pour the double cream into a glass bowl 2/Sprinkle liberally with Castor sugar 3/Add the curaçao 4/Beat the cream usint two service forks 5/Add a Little lemon juice   6/Fold in until the Cream thickens 7/Place the marinated strawberries into glass coupes 8/ Top with The beaten cream. 9/ Decorate with  whole Strawberries 10/ The finished product.

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