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1)we should either use lass energy,or use renewable energy sources,like solar panels.2)we can drive on a fuel efficient vehicle that does not pollute so much,or in big cities,do schedules to drive.3)we can reduce the waste,choosing reusable products with minimal packaging will help to reduce the pollution.And whenever we can recycling paper,plastic or glass.(we will save the carbon dioxid annually//anice:f5 f9 t14 cbb actua,streng,impact,declining( bcs has affected on the two polars regions differently.Decreases its rising)//chern:13 f2 f8 t3- aftermath heart crumb lifes bca npp are a very energy type to get electricy due to their economy system.Hw t pollution caused by the emission of toxic and nuclear gases has a lot to do with global warming and this produces the green house effect//geo dis:f6 t10 t 15 bcc like rise link distant

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