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It is a marketing action in which the telephone is used as the communication channel. It is aimed at contacting clients or potential clients for commercial purposes, sales or improving corporate image.


1.    Commercial applications: the goal here is to make a sale . How ?

-        Locating potential customers

-        Arranging interviews for the sales team

-        Keeping track of previous contacts

-        Teleshopping

-        Generating new sales of a product or a related one to the same customer (cross-selling)

-        Renewing subscriptions (magazines ,etc)

-        Communicating new offers

-        Attracting new customers

-        Reactivating “silent” customers

-        Follow-up , keep track of commercial offers received through postal mail or e-mail

2.    Marketing applications,to gather information on actual or potential customers, such as needs, customs, traditions and ideologies. It doesn´t have a sales purpose.

-        Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

-        Creating or updating customer databases

-        Market research on consumption habits, brand awareness, response to a campaign

-        Customer service centres

-        Launching and keeping loyalty programs

-        Surveys on voting intentions.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of telemarketing


-        Direct and immediate contact with an actual or potential customer which allows to clarify any doubts and encouraging a final purchase

-        Cost is lower than personal visits

-        Quicker way of finding potential customers

-        Allows us to keep in touch with a customer

-        We can expand the sales territory at no extra cost (no branches needed or representatives)

-        It provides immediate results


-        No visual information

-        The acquisition or creation of a custom database is very expensive

-        It´s considered sometimes an intrusion, a nuisance for many phone users

Skills to develop a telemarketing professional

To make a successful telemarketing campaign we must have:

-        A database of potential customers ( updated)

-        Appropriate technical and technological means

-        A sufficient workforce, trained and skilled

Before the call : we must prepare the calls and believe in our work, in its quality.

During the call:

-        Use a soft and gentle voice tone

-        Maintain upright body position

-        Smile at all times

-        Use a polite language, speak slowly and clearly

-        Mention your name and your company 

-        Use your filtering skills

-        Use questions

-        Keep a collaborative attitude

-        Let the speaker talk

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