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type of company as independent legal entities
mitjatçant mayúscula acronym represents.
Obtained at the same time that is written in the commercial register, know that when there is no field with the same company name.
Responsibility; l 'employer meets the company's debts. Maybe; unlimited; answers all your debts. Limited; only responds at the stake. Capatilitzacio unemployment, unemployment can go to ask you all the money to create a empresa.tels next month but we have present procedures that go confornme the company is doing. Cooperative, UA is the only company to figure Constitutional Spanish as a min 3 people, there are many many types of cooperatives, people have gathered to buy raw materials and then the people of the cooperative repateix everybody what to buy and how they are assembled out cheaper.society work, created between two partners but the partners have to be apart of worker members. Project Company; 1, concretacio of ideas I need to observe and point difficult and slow, 2, define or identify the promoters, people who ride the company , 3, choose the legal form of business; SA, SL 4, location, find the perfect place to put the company, according to the idea. 5, type podructe offered, according to the company that is dedicated, 6, production process, from raw materials to you until you get the client7, analisio market, if there compenteci search for differences, have someone characteristic, 8, human resources; Personl fisicque works in the company inclosus promoters. 9, plan marketing, advertising, distribution and post sale service. 10, investment and finançamet; what is the initial volume of the company's total investment dela, 11, preventing economic financial, forecasting earnings, cash flow and financing, 12, and start driving tramists; all papers necessary to put in driving the company.

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