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underlying projective tests is that, compared to a graphic or verbal stimulation with various possible meanings.
Rorschach reagent. This test is important because it can be applied to many different types of people in different situations and also because the evaluation of results is based on a standardized and precise technique that significantly reduces the personal contribution of the examiner.
Thematic Apperception Test. The Thematic Apperception Test was developed in the psychiatric clinic at Harvard. The hypothesis that is based on this test is that each of us tends to project on the main character her own emotions and needs.
Verbal projective techniques. These techniques use words as stimuli. They are based on the thesis that the answers given to stimuli both reflect significant aspects of our personality.
Placement test. We select the best person capable of integrating into the enterprise in terms of jobs that need filled. They are divided into two groups:
The intellectual ability (numerical, verbal and logical) is assessed by multiple choice tests on math or logical rules governing sequences of a number of cards or dominoes.
The practical and operational ability is assessed by a test that measures motor functions, such as speed, movement coordination, manual dexterity, reaction speed, etc..
Personality test. Assess personality traits such as emotional control, sociability, perseverance, sincerity, emotional traits, feelings, skills, interests and ideas that determine human behavior

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