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c/Gregal 7                 Manolos, Restaurant 

villajoiosa (03570)        69 Vicents Squere
Alicante                            SW 5788
Spain                               London
                                        Great Britan
Dear sir or Madam
I was motivated to write this letter the very poor service i have received from yours employees and the poor quality of the chef of your restaurant.

Last nigth arrive at the restaurant around 20:00 PM, i booked a table for me and my Boyfriend, but the parking lot was full and we had to go to a parking lot that is two blocks from the restaurant.

When i thought i had left the problems, the waiter brings cold and salty food and worst! The waiter insults my boyfriend and me when i claim for such bad service.

This is the first time that this happens to me in this restaurant, i am a good customer and hope solve these problems so that this never happens again to any customer and await your prompt response.

Your Sincerely. 

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