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1)Explain how the authors of the Constitution designed the Constitution to solve the problems of the 1780s but At the same time believed that they had created a system that still preserved The principles of Republicanism. 

-problems they Wanted to solve:

         states Governments are too responsive to the people (ex: shays rebellion, stay Laws, paper money laws), national government is too weak for finance and foreign policy (Britain and Spain and can’t pay army), Lack of a national Vision (we’ve got people interested in their local areas and not in the nation As a whole)

-what do they do To address these problems:

It shifts power to the national government: it expands the power The national government has (tax, subdue rebellion, regulate interstate and International trade), and implied powers (necessary and proper, etc), limits The powers of the state’s (states cant issue paper money, they cant aggregate Contracts, etc). Three branches: executive (chosen from electoral college.. President is independent from legislature and proves national image), Legislature (bicameral with house and senate reps chosen by states), judiciary (strong and independent, chosen by pres with approval by senate and serve for Life and implies judicial review). Filter up theory: as people move up levels, They get more experience and become wiser and see broader national visions.

-Take it to the People and the problem is how do they defend it:

         why do they defend it? It takes away Some of their beliefs (big nation instead of small republics... They say big Republics work better because no one faction can rule and keeps any one group From having too much power). Power taken away from the people… but it is power Based on a new national people so its still popular sovereignty. Most Importantly: balance between power and liberty is conserved through checks and Balances (there is more than one source of power to balance and check each Other out: three branches of government, state and federal level, bicameral Legislature). 

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