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3.The formation of mount.Ranges:the theory of plate tect.Explains that formation of mountain rangesare related to convergent plate bound:the orogens associated with subduction&the orogens assoc.With contine.Collision 3.1Orogens associ.With subduction:the oceanic lithosphere is destroyed while the continental lithosp.Is built up from the sediments in accretionary prisms&magma from volcanic arcs.This produc.An orogen on the boundary of the continent. 3.2Orogens associ. With continental collisi:produced by the collision betw 2 continents.1-the continents begin to collide 2-The orogen beginsto form.Subduction stops.3-The orogen takes on a definitive struct.4-the orogen wears down.3.3Accretaion of orogens:1-A numb of terranes approch the trench 2-The terranes are encrusted on the edge of the continent&deform it. 3.4Orogenic belts:geological periods in the past when the crust was deformed&folded&cordilleras were formed.

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