Formation of urine

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Pituitary gland .Antidiuretic hormone.Oxytocin.Growth horm. stimulate horm-contracts the muscles of the uterus during birth .Promotes lengthening of the bones and growth in general .Restricts the amount of water excreted in urine .In the other glands.Adrenal glands .adrenaline,aldosterone. Corticoids:regulate various metabolic processes and the quantity of water in tissues.Prepares the body for effort and has similar properties to the sympathetic nervous system.Controls the amount of sodium and potassium in the blood.Parathyroids.parathyroid.Regulates the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.Pancreas.glucagón,insulin.Controls the amount of glucosa in muscles and other tissues.Stimulates the conversion of glycogen in the liver to glucosa in the  bloodstrem.
 Ovaries .oestrogen,progesterone.Allows embryos to implant in the womb.Produces and maintains female sexual characteristics.Thyroids.Thyroxin,stimulates the metabolism.Testicles .androgens .Produce and maintain masculine sexual characteristics

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