Formula asset turnover ratio

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Profit ratio=NI/Net Sales
Return on Equity=NI/Avg Equity
Return on Assets-NI/Avg total assets
Earning per share=NI/Ang#commonshares
Price to Earnings=current stock per share/earnings
Current Ratio=Current assets/current liabilities
Quick Ratio=(Cash+ST Inves+A.R)/Current liabi
Receivable Turnover=Net sales/Avg A.R
Inventory Turnover=COGS/Avg Inv
Debt to assets=Total liable/Total Asset
Debt to Equity=Total liab/total equit
Times interest earned=(NI+Int Exp+Income tax expense)/Int expense
Fixed Asset Turnover=Total Revenue/Avg NBV(Beg+End)
Dividend Payout Ratio=Div/NI or Div per share/Earn per share
Divident Yield=Div per share/market price per share
Free Cash Flow=Operating-capital expenditure-div
Allowance Ratio=Allow bad debt/gross AR(net AR+ALL BAD)

Cost-Acc dep=NBV
Revenue-Expenses-NI/Net Loss
Gross Profit=Net sales-COGS
Horizontal=%Acc bal=Current bal-Prior/Prior
Vertical=BS=AB/Total assets
            =IS=AB/Net sales/Revenue
Prinicple X Annual Rate X Time
Gross profit-sales=COGS

Common shares issued-shares treasury stock=outstanding
Cost-Salvage/Useful Life=Dep Expense=Debit Dep exp Credit acc dep
(straight line rate * 2)*(cost-acc deep)=dep exp
Dep exp X actual unit activity=dep exp

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