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1)If you want To be safe on traffic, you must obey all traffic rules. You must be careful When you are on roads. You mustn´t drive fast or carelessly:

2)You must be Careful because there is a railway ahead.

3)You must be Careful. There is a bridge ahead.

4)Why do they Have to study for the examen?

Because they have to get better marks.

5)Do students Have to wear a uniform in your country?

Some students have to wear it.

6)Why does he Have to be quicker?

Because he doesn´t have to miss the last train to London.

7)Why does Daniel have go to school on time?

Because his teacher is a strict man.

8)Why do Passengers have to wear a seatbelt?

Because they don´t have to (get be) injured in case of Accident?

9)Why does Scarle tt have to water this flower every two days?

Because it doesn´t have to fade.

10)They have to practise more because they don´t have to Lose the the volleyball match.

11)Where do children have to sit when travelling by car?

They have to sit at the backseat.

12)Does your sister have to find a job?

Yes, because she has to pay for her car.

13)Why does Tom have to take the bus to work?

Because his car is broken.

14)When do you have to wash your clothes by hand?

I have to wash them this evening because the washing Machine doesn´t work.

15)When do students have to finish these novels?

Before The term because they have to (take have) a reading exam

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