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1- she said him that he wouldn´t go - she said that he woldn´t go//

 2- I started to write an e-mail     3-I would rather going to the cinema- i would go to the cinema

4-  I love watching TV o  i love to watch TV.

5- I would like saying(to say) YES but i'm afraid i can´t

6- Angela has been on(in) touch with Sarah since 1999

7- Your final project was so dull that i couldn´t keep to read(reading)it

8-I enjoy travelling and sightseeing

9- I might going(go) to Canada next week.

10- I tried to the whole thing get out of

11- Jonh never got his divorce over (el over va después del got)

12- The plane took off at 18:30 and landed at 20:30

13: You two have never fallen out it (sin el it)

14-If she had stayed at home, she wouldn´t have seen it //15- If i(haden´t) lost my job, I wouldn´t have started my own business //16-If you hadn´t got lost , we might have got there on time 

where(donde) when(cuando) wich(el cual) who(quien) whose(cuyo) // Earthquakes under the ocean cause Tsunamis (ARE)- The Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes under the ocean. / he is using the machine(IS)- the machine is beeing using by him. ^/ Jack killed Mary(BY)- Mary was killed by Jack / Have you finished yet?(ALREADY)- Have you already finished? / There´s loads of paper and several plastic bottles (LOTS-FEW)- There is lots of paper and a few plastic bootles / Anna arrived at 17:OO(now it´s 17:01) (JUST) - Anna has just arrived / The results haven´t been published yet (STILL)- The results still haven´t been published/ I bought my terraced house in 2010(FOR)- I had had my terraced house for six years / She bought her detected house in August (SINCE)- She had had her deteched house since August. / She Managed to return the money (OFF)- She managed to pay off the money / She had to cancel the meeting (OFF)- She had to call of the meeting / Rual contacted Martha on Tuesday(GOT)- Raul got in touch with Martha on Tuesday/ She was going to come but finally she couldn´t make it (SUPPOSED)- she was supposed to come but finally she couldn´t make it / Jonh was meant to book the table but he forgot (SUPPOSED)- John was supposed to book the table but he forgot. / We had planned to go to Italy but we didn´t have enough money (GOING)- We was going to go to Italy but we didn´t have enoogh money / Angela had expected Tony to call her but it never happened (WAS)- Tony was supposed to call Angela but it never happened / Let´s go to America! (SUGGESTED)- He suggested going to America/ Why don´t you come to the party with us?(INVITED)- she invited me to the party / Mark slept really well although there was a lot of noise (SPITE)- Mark slept really well in spite of the noise / We enjoyed the film although the main character is a terrible actor (EVEN)- We enjoyed the fim even although the main character is a terrible actor / they played games all night.They had to get up early nect morning (DESPITE)- They played games all night despite having to get up early nest morning / You two have never fallen out , have you? (ARGUED)- You two have never argued , have you? / they encountered 3 dead bodies in the old house (ACROSS)-They come across 3 dead bodies in the old house / I hope you recover from your fly really quickly (OVER)- I hope you get over you fly really quickly / he should postpone the meeting if he can´t go (OFF)- He should get off the meeting if he can´t go// We didn´t catch the train, so I arrived late to the exam(CAUGHT)- If we had caught the train, I woldn´t have arrived late to exam / I went out that day, so I met my actual wife (WOULDN¨T) - I wouldn´t met my actual if i haven´t gone out that day

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