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Asceticism and mysticism: 1 Fray Luis de Leon: Biography: (1527-1591) was born in Belmonte, spend most of his life tied to the University of Salamanca, suffered a qlo inquisition held in prison for 5years in Valladolid aber accused translated into Castilian the Song of Songs. He was a humanist and a religious man devoted to the study, highly intellectual. Maybe I look in your poetic writings not found peace q inhis daily life. []
In the form used Italianate stanzas and verses, the lira and eleven-syllable and seven-syllable verses, the content is topical classics (locus amoenus) combined with religious themes. Extreme care language and style, avoids bombast and excess, and gives his word of sobriety and harmony naturally. "His original poetry is weak, it exalts the desire and the longing for peace, trankilidad, and spiritual rest (A retired life, Al out of jail ..)
And are eager to seek the bliss and the elevation of the soul towards the divine through the contemplation of the beauty created by God or by man (Noche Serena ...) are discussed reasons or religious themes (From life to heaven, In Ascension ..) Fray Luis de Leon made tamb diverse and magnificent translations of biblical books (Psalms) and classics (Pindar, Horace) "In his prose work distinguished: some translations of the Bible in the author is not q simply pour the contents into Castilian of the sacred books but q includes their own comments. Two original works of the names of Christ and The Perfect Wife.

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