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Rasputin was born to a poor family and lived in a small village in Russia. Catherine de Medici was born in Florence to a wealthy and powerful family, the Medicis. Sweeney Todd had a very unhappy childhood. His family was poor and he was forced to work from an early age.

Rasputin: a man with special powers, Tsar Nicholas: Tsar of Russia, Tsarina Alexandra: the Tsar's wife, Yusupov: an important Russian noble.

Catherine de Medici: Queen of France, wife or King Henry II: King of France, King Francis I: Catherine's father-in-law. Pope Clement VII: a distant relative of Catherine's father.

Sweeney Todd: a London Barber, a serial killer Margery Lovett: a bakery owner, Todd's accomplice John Crook: a cutler and Todd's employer, Elmer Plummer: a barber at newgate prison. Thomas Peckett Prest: a newspaper reporter. Frank Raymond: a reporter a Todd's trial. Sir Richard Blunt: the chief of the police.

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