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A year ago,when I was shopping to get some clothes with my best friend, I saw my favourite actor, Jonny Deep and I became very nervous and I started to freak out because I had always wanted to meet him. My best friend told me: Who´s ? And then I started to screaming.

In fact, I went to him running to ask for a picture with him but to get to where he was involved I stumbled and then I fell nex to him and I broked a vase. I thought taht I would be to drive out.
Neverthless Jonny Deep lifted me and he gave me a kiss so I cried of shame and emotion. Finally I did my picture and I signed a shirt.
Since then this shirt is hanging in my room.

In the end, it was funny and very embarrassing because everyone saw me and the body guards trying to take a photo or something.
And I say that it was the most embarrassing and funny things that has ever happened me!

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