Frist World War

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-First world war: alliances / industrial & technological advances used manufactured weapons / society transformed: men at war, women at work
 -Russias participation affected population
 -Spain remained neutral but government had to deal with P E S problems
 -Avant-garde movement influented art

-Causes: France wanted to recover Lorraine & Alsace / Austro-hungarian empire occupied & then annexed Bosnia-herzegovina. This led to nationalist protest by serbians living in Bosnia. It angered Russia, serbia´s traditional ally / Industralised EU countries expanded their empires and compited for colonies control / Britain & G became involved in a naval arms race > dreadnoughts

-Participants: central powers: A-H supported by I, G, ottoman / the allied powers: Serbia supported by  GB, F, R > Japan, Romania, US, Greece, Portugal.

-War economy: recent inventions > telegraph, armoured tanks, machine guns... Production consumer goods decreased > shortages > prices increased. Governments introduced rationing systems. Blank market.

-Social effects: conscripted or recluited. Adversitements. Women in factories replacing them. 

-Peace settlement: allied powers Paris Peace Conference. Reconcilation rejected. 

-Peace treaties (Treaty of versailles > G): not air force / pay reparations / sign war-guilt clause / returned 2 to france

-Consequences: death & injurity / Material destruction / Economic decline (US) / New EU states / colonial changes

-Tsarist Empire. Rivalry – expansion. AH > Bosnia Herzegovina – Serbia (menace) > Franz Ferdinand. War - money. M & W. Russia – Civil War. Allies victories – giving up > agreement. Consequences. 
RussiA: absolutism – sart power. Pobres – ricos & Burguesia, WC.  Government problems – nwe politic party > Marxs ideas. 2: men - Martov / Bol – Lenin. Protest – Nicholas 2 abdicated. Men create  politic. Party & declare R replublic (legal politics parties) Bol opposed. 1st they sign G treat to salir de WWI. Then  follow enemies, kill sart. Consequence > Civil War. White Russians – Red army. “ . They made a dictatorship > communist party of  the soviet union. New constitution & form USSR. 

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