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no limit

full refund
great deal
small discount
high cost
large number

uphold = tosupportordefend
overthrow = toputanendtobyforce
overrule = to rule or decide against
overhear = Iaccidentallyoverheard
downplay = toreduceemphasison
its importance
downsize = toreduceinnumber
undergo = toendure;sustain
undertake = topromise,agree

setting out
ran into
kicks in
set off
rang out
turned out
won through

arid desert-island-landscape
intrepid traveller-group-voyage
idyllic spot-conditions-setting
gruelling hike-climb-race
swirling mist-water-wind
exquisite waterfalls-flowers-views

blow his top
he flew into a rage
sudden outburst of temper
let off steam
throws a tantrum

inconsiderable sum
timeless classic
adopted country
appearances can be deceptive
supporting evidence
appreciable increase
reveal the identity
consulting room
advisory capacity
of every imaginable colour
respective crimes

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