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Hi, I play in a band with my friends, this band is called “the wolf's”. We play and practise rock music but we also produce other types of music, for example, pop music, folk…Getting ready for the Vigo talent contest.We have decided to participate in this talent contest to win the first prize, do collect the necessary money to our to the Canary Islands. We have chosen some songs to pertinent, for example hock for you, stressed out, black and white…

In fact, we have chosen the second song,stressed out because it is the liveliest, funniest of all a really catchy song of our album. With this song we are sure that we will get the first place.The results!!! We are really happy with our results, because we have won the first prize, so now, we have 50,000 pounds to do our trip to the Canary Islands. Therefore, we are really excited with our results

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