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1. New technology 2. Support start up  3. What do you look for  5. Do you usually/ return on investment

+new products and new technologysearch a large market to the people will buy

would yo like to join/what do you do in your job/can you repeat your../did you say forty../is it OK to park ../who can use your../how about putting../are you free../let´s say ten .../why.../ don´t.../when is the .../

iii)went-->go    call-->called    do--->does    driving--->+are    do did played--->  did do play

had was wasn´t thought stopped asked saw found said took wrote understood kept

most. Successful. Biggest. Easter. Than. More annoyed.As important. Most modern. The worst. More expansive than. worse. Than  

launch investin a joint venture potential fight start up capital raise take payback

market A compaing profit labels investment budget demand

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