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relismo and naturalimso in Spain: 3 stages literary, "the prereality: started in 1849 with the publication of the gull of Fernan Caballero pseudonym of Cecilia Bohl faber.las prereality novels Traditionalists have a tone and a symbolic purpose in moralizador.la author leading the transformation of the society of the time and claimed the authors valoes prereality tradicionales.los preferred pintoresco.el detail and colorful chief representative of the current prereality is Pedro Antonio de Alarcon novelas.el storyteller and cocked hat qe devel a matter folclorico .- realism: realistic actual stage began in 1870 with the publication of the fountain of another of Benito Perez Galdos and is characterized by the desire to portray reality coetaner.el critical intecion narrator adopts an objective attitude and peronajes are the subject of a psicologico.juan ETRAT Valera: Pepita Jiménez candle qe no recounts the love between a seminarian and his fiancee Maria de Pereda padre.jose: Sotileza or rocks above.- naturalism: it recream most sordid aspects of reality: characters are victims of their physical condition, dela genetic inheritance and environment in the most prominent novelists viven.los qe: Emilia Pardo Bazan: It was the most prominent advocates in Spain naturalismo.ulloa and mother of naturaleza.vicente Blasco Ibáñez: the block or reeds and mud.

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