Which of the following functional groups is found in all carbohydrates? Carbon-carbon double bonds Carbon-carbon triple bonds Hydroxyl group Aromatic rings Thiol group

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Organic Compound:All compounds that contain carbon

Hydrocarbon:Simplest organic compound composed only of Carbon and Hydrogen.

Saturated Hydrocarbon:a hydrocarbon that contains only single bonds.

Unsaturated hydrocarbon:a hydrocarbon that contains at least one double or triple bond between carbon atoms

Fractional Distillation: the process by which petroleum can be separated into simpler components, called fractions as they condense at different temperatures.

Cracking:the process by which heavier fractions of petroleum are converted to gasoline by breaking their large molecule into smaller molecules

Alkane:  hydrocarbon that contains only single bonds between carbon atoms.

Homologous series: describes a series of compounds that differ from one another by a repeating unit.

Parent chain:the longest continuous chain of carbon atoms in a branded chain alkane, alkene, alkyne

Substituent Group:the side branches that extend from the parent chain.

Cyclic hydrocarbon:an organic compound that contains a hydrocarbon ring.

Cycloalkane:cyclic hydrocarbons that contain single bonds in the ring.

Alkene:Unsaturated hydrocarbon with one or more double bonds between carbon atoms.

Alkyne:  Unsaturated hydrocarbon with one or more triple bonds between carbon atoms.

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