One of the functions ensured by a radar control unit for the provision of approach control service is:

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Functions of police: Robert Peel ( deter crime, enhance feeling of public safety, make officers available for service)

Wilson explains: Patrol creates impression of police omnipresence that eliminates opportunity for misconduct
Types of Patrol: Hot spot- officers are assigned to patrol locations that receive an above average concentration of crime ( effective in 20-25 studies). Foot patrol- Fairly intuitive officers are assigned to patrol on foot rather than in cars.
Organizational Style ( James found 3) Watchman style: emphasizes peacekeeping without aggressive law enforcement with controls over rank/file. Legalistic style: aggressive crime fighting and attempts to control officer behavior through a rule bound, by the book administrative approach. Service style: responsiveness to community expectations and is generally found in suburban police departments where there is little crime.
Sergeant Role: Supervises activities of officers, basic unit of police patrol consists of the sergeant/ crew of officers, span of control refers to number of officers a sergeant is supervising, sergeant makes certain calls.
Styles of supervisors: Traditional Sup: give more instructions, take control of situations, intervene and expect quantifiable results, less likely to reward more likely to punish. Supportive Sup: Supportive and protect officers from punishment/ attempt to motivate/inspire. Serve as a buffer between officers/management. Gives officers space to perform duties without worries. Innovative Sup. encourage officers to be innovative and embrace new forms of policing, Views subordinates more positively. Active Sup: embrace idea of leading by example, goal is to be heavily involved in the field with officers, view subordinates positively. 
Comm Cen: patrol work dominated by modern communication tech, work is citizen dominated, reactive and incident based, takes calls from 911, dispatch officers to jobs
Response time: quick response time reduce crime, factors outside of the patrol affect response times, not all calls need immediate response. Differential response refers to classifying a call with regard.

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