Functions of kidney in excretion

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the job of the excretory system ir to remove wastes produced by the body.

its functions are: collect water and filter body fluids, remove and concentrate waste producsts from body fluids and eliminate excretory products from the body.

the excretory system involves: skin(sweat),lungs(co2),liver(bile-toxins,bilirrubine),kidneys(urine)

the urinary system is composed by 2 kidneys,2ureteres,1bladder abdi 1 urethra

Kidneys. The main organ of the excretory system, one is behind the stomach ando the other behind the liver. Their functions are: regulation of blood water levels, reabsorption  of useful substances into the blood, adjustment of the levels of salts and ions in the blood and excretion of urea and other metabolic wastes. Together, they regulate the chemical composition of blood_HOMEOSTASIS.

the RENAL ARTERY enters each kidney and the RENAL VEIN exits each kidney

the parts of the kidney:

the cortex:the outer portion of the kidney where blood is filtered. This process is called ultra-filtration or high pressure filtration. Billions of glomeruli are found in the cortex. A glomerulus is a tiny ball of capillaries. Most of this liquid wich we call ultra-flitrate is re-absorbed in the medulla and put back into the blood.

the medulla:the middle layer, is divided into 10-20 renal pyramids, is the inside part of the kidney where the amount of salt and water in your urine is controlled. Tubes carrying filtered wastes travel from the cortex. Throug the medulla.

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