What are the functions of reticuloendoplasmic reticulum

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54) The primary structure of a protein is

B) the Amino acid sequence of the polypeptide chain.

55) Which of the following is an example of Secondary structure in a protein?

B) an Alpha helix

61) DNA differs from RNA because DNA

A) Contains thymine in place of uracil.

62) Genetic information is encoded in the

B) Sequence of nucleotides in DNA.

Chapter 4

15) Archaea are composed of ________ cells.

B) Prokaryotic

18) ________ cells lack a membrane-enclosed Nucleus.

C) Prokaryotic

24) Unlike animal cells, plant cells have _ and _. Unlike plant cells, animal cells have ________.

A) Chloroplasts . . . cell walls . . . Centrioles

26) Plasma membranes are permeable to

D) nonpolar Molecules such as CO2.

28) The nucleus of a cell

D) Contains DNA.

29) Long fibers of DNA and protein are called

A) Chromatin.

36) The endomembrane system includes all of the Following organelles except the

C) Peroxisome.

38) The two main functions of the rough Endoplasmic reticulum are the production of

D) Membrane and proteins secreted by the cell.

41) The Golgi apparatus

B) stores, Modifies, and packages proteins.

52) The function of mitochondria is

A) Cellular respiration.

55) The function of chloroplasts is

D) Photosynthesis.

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