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The nature and orientation of these mesocycles is a reflection of its name. Thus, ACCUMULATION mesocycles is done with the aim of increasing the athlete's motor potential and create a pool of basic qualities, is, to put it another way, all the preparatory mesocycle miniature. * In this potential mesocycles PROCESSING becomes special preparation on the basis of the developed force increases the resistance of force, and on the basis of development improves aerobic energy supply is mixed (aerobic and anaerobic) and increases the speed and special endurance. * For Finally, the mesocycles EMBODIMENT creates preconditions for competition in the motor potentials crystallize accumulated and processed. Of course, the crystallizationion is different from the beginning and end of the annual cycle, a fact that has in mind the actual period of competitions. For example, Issurin and Kaverin (1986) note that for paddlers, the training program in the preparatory period requires that the practice is general resistance to work, the qualities of strength and endurance in a special long distance paddling and the competitive full range of technical skills and habits of the paddler, including its special preparation and set-up. And for specific competitions. COMBINATION IN A mesocycles microcycles (Platonov) * The modern training of qualified athletes in the most intense periods of work is characterized by the sum of the charges of each microcycles and fatigue that progresses to a microcycle to another . This helps to limit the potential mobilization of functional systems of the body and has high demands on the psyche of the athlete.* However, the effect is achieved only in the event that several microcycle (each of which deepens the fatigue caused by the above) follow a rest microcycles to retrieve the functional possibilities of the athlete and ensure the effective development adaptation processes. Ignoring these principles will inevitably result in an Over-fatigue and physical nerve (Platonov, 1980; Ramm, Bebo, 1986). * However, a working regime in which the burden of a microcycle joins the action of the above is acceptable only during the training of elite athletes and well prepared in the stage of maximum use of their individual potential or during maintenance of their achievements. In training young athletes in the early stages of preparing multi-year, the scheme is contraindicated. * Here you must switch to different load microcycles trial proceedings, so the next microcycle large or significant load is carried out in conditions complete recovery of the functional possibilities of the athlete (Platonov, 1992, Berger 1994).* The combination and the total load within the mesocycles microcycles considerable extent depend on the stage of preparing the long term. The mesocycles identical according to their orientation and applied in the early stages of long-term preparation, unlike the phase of maximum use of individual possibilities, are characterized not only by a lower total workload, different orientation and content, etc. ., but also by the lower load within each microcycles and a smooth working system. * Experience in the course of recent years demonstrates the need to match, as closely as possible, periods of heavy load with periods of relative recovery. Keep in mind the duration of these periods and the magnitude of the charge of each. The larger burden microcycles shock, the lower should be the recovery, the longer was the length of periods of intense work longer must be given time to recover.* When a mesocycle microcycles contains two or three programs with a particularly intense, a microcycle a week may not be sufficient for full recovery and the effective development of adaptation processes in the body of athletes. EI microcycles number of these can be two or even three if it is the direct preparation for the competitions. Thus, the length of the wings can mesocycles 5-6 weeks (Platonov, 1992).

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