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1 .- D k factors dpndra l O2 consumption Max d d a person? ? dpendera of inheritance, acividades muscle mass, age, sex, level of training and motivation of the subject. What is the basic formula allows dterminar consumption k d O2 during exercise? ? VO2 = Vs x FC x Dif av VO2 .. VO2: oxygen consumed x every cell, Vs: vol.sistólico, HR: heart rate, VO2 Dif av: d dif.arterio-venous oxygen. 2 .- k underlying physical process of gas exchange at the alveolar-capillary? d ? In exchange gases. What is called the respiratory dead space? ? dl is the respiratory system contains a volume d k k air d participates in gas exchange. "reflecting in practice the arteriovenous difference of O2? oxygen ? k ka is checked out come and ace the difference and that value is to be used. 3 .- He explains, outline the mechanism of muscle contraction. ? (ATP ? ADP + Pi + Energy for contraction) (? Tropamina calcium-action potentials) (? tropamina myosin-ATPeasa) (CA + inactive ? tropamina) What is the motor unit? unit consisting of a motor neuron and all muscle fibers, which are controlled by them. 4 .- Lists the basic mechanisms of heat transfer at its disposal the human body for maintaining the body º t: ? radiation, conduction, convection and evaporation What is hipotolamo-pituitary axis and k serve? ? anterior pituitary is a separate minuscula gládula located below the hypothalamus in the pituitary cerebro.La two hormones secreted by the hipotalamo.Al done this, the pituitary gland secretes two hormones and prolactin crecmiento. 5 .- Advantages and disadvantages of the atp-pc system or the phosphagen system used as a source of E for muscle contraction: Benefits ? rapid retrieval of energy, essential to the development of cur. physical sports of short duration or intensity alta.Inconvenientes ? OBTAINING but very limited by the few energy reserves of ATP and PC, produces large O2 debt. 6 .- In k differs aaerobia and anaerobic glycolysis, from the point of view of energy efficiency? anaerobic glycolysis ? K has a fast supply of ATP and O2 rekiero not, but it can re-synthesize some ATP from the decomposing of the difference in k glucosa.Se O2 inhibits the formation of lactic acid from pyruvic acid

7 .- How Debt O2? ? when from a position of rest, physical effort begins, the work withan O2 deficit in relation to what is desirable, to reach a stage d TABILITY or EKILIBRIO. Components:? O2, ATP-PC, AL. 8 .- Briefly describe the different levels of organization of living things, from lowest to highest: ? 1 º: Level atomico-molecular/todos lived beings have the same chemical composition with some small change . all lived beings are composed of some simple chemical elements or atoms, k are grouped resulting molecules, k are the n k are the differences of living things, can be organic and molecular level inorganicas.Este life lacks propia.2 d º : Level-diverse cellular molecules join together to give rise to a higher level of organization k have the proper basis for phenotypic menovital.En unicellular organisms at the cellular level is for her and the maximum level of the organism.

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