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I Would like to hire. Which floor is the flat?  is there a lift?

What about the neighbors? Are they quiet?   How many meters has the flat?

How many rooms has the flat? The flat has furniture? The kictchen has cupboard?/Oven/fridge  Is the a washer machine?  I can remove the furniture and lower the price. How many room has the flat? All the rooms has bed with mattress? Double bed or single bed?  How many bathrooms has the flat? Is there a garage? / pool?  What's the rent? Is that final? Can you lower it to ...? This is a beatifu flat but I would like to discussit with my wife.   Donn't you like it?. I¡m going to give you my phone number.

I tell youthe planfor thesedaysinMadrid. You want to dosomething special? Tomorrow morningwe will see thePradomuseum. How longwill we be? until the eveningmoreor less.     Then we go toeat at the restaurantofa friend. Then nightwalking atthePlaza Mayor.     You want to dosomething special? Second day, we are going to visit "La Almudena" la cathedral of Madrid then we are going The real Palace is very near.   Is that okay?  In the evening we go to a drinking area and we meet with my friends. Third day for relax, afterbreakfast wewent down tothe pool y we can eat in my House

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