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CALLOW: young and inexperienced; immature.
CONTEMPORARY: a person living during the same period as another.
CYNICAL: doubtful of the sincerity of others motives.
DESPOT: a ruler with absolute power or tyrannical control over a group of people.
ENNUNCIATE: to pronounce clearly. To state to announce.
IMPEDIMENT: anything that gets in the way; an obstacle.
IMPOVERISH: to make poor. To take away.
INDOLENT: indulging in ease; avoiding exertion; lazy.
SAGACIOUS: showing sound judgment; wise.
SECULAR: worldly; not connected with a church or religion.
STRIFE: conflict or struggle.
VENERATE: to show great respect for.
VORACIOUS: ravenous; desiring and eating a large amount of food.
WANE: to get smaller, dimmer, or weaker; to near an end.

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