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1 As soon as i get homr, I'll call my father

2 If lana hadn't lost her mobile phone, she wouldn't have been upset

3 If i were you, i would apologise

4 i wouldn't have a had a headache if hadn't sat in front of the computer all day

5 Unless she  works all day, Sheila won't complete the project

6It she hadn't reminded me, I would have  forgotten to by Mum a birthday present

1 If were you I woludn't buy that

2 I wouldn't have been exhausted if I hadn't stayed up all night

3 If hadn't reminded him, Sam would have forgotten about the meeting

4 I could drive if were old enought

5 Unless I finish my homework, I won't go out with my friends

6 As soon as we have located the passenger, we'll return his luggage to him

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