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The cultural work of exiles
Luis Seoane, Eduardo Blanco Amor, Rafael Dieste, Lorenzo Varela
-editing of literary and cultural magazines: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo immigrant
-creation of channels for the publication of the book gallegos
-consolidation of a theater Galician., foundation of the Teatro Popular Galician
extensive work-dissemination of Portuguese culture of the immigrant community

Luis Seoane
Fardel of eisiliado in bretema of Sant Iago, the scars, the soldadeira
key issues for emigracon and exile, poetry of social protest
Lorenzo Varela
four poems for four prints, far
Eduardo Blanco Amor
ourense 1897
Galician novels, poem in four days. Popular Theater: farces with puppets and drama to people
died in 1979

A Esmorga
ambientada nso Arrabal de Ourense, the novel builds to a statement before a court in one of pensonaxes, Cibrán, held after the tragic death of milhomem mouths and his companions in a week esmorga finde. narrated with a harsh language and realistic

XENTE the distance: contansenos by a boy, suso, the story of a working class family and left, and a novel and full of emotional strength.

The biosbardos:
collects seven short stories which explores white love different aspects of childhood and adolescence, as he says, these stories are the first two decades of the century, in which convivin with my people

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