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Demolition,Site investigation,Site formation,Foundation,Building structure,Windows/doors,Ceiling/floor/wall finishes,Building services installations,Furniture/Fittings/Equipment,Landscaping works,Preliminaries

Main purposes of cost control:
To give the client good value for money
To achieve a balanced and logical distribution of the available funds between various parts of the building
To keep the total expenditure within the client’s budget

planning:An estimate or forecast of costs of a construction project is done at different stages of the project,Cost planning will require different techniques according to the amount of information available ,Cost data obtained from previous projects is essential for cost estimate

main purpose of cost planning is to:
1.Forecast anticipated tender figure for contract
2.Give an idea of financial outlay to Client
3.Provide architect with information which will influence his selection of forms of construction, finishes and fittings, etc.

factor: functional/technical/aesthetic/ user requirements

cube, unit, superficial area, BQ 

Budgetary control system is operated for cost monitoring throughout the execution of the contract , useful financial management tool that helps to make the project run more smoothly and profitably
When variances occur from the budget, steps should be taken to avoid unforeseen circumstances and matters which fall outside of control Proceeding cost saving exercise if necessary

site conditions/contract conditions/ construction techniques/ unpredictable items

Regular financial report:Assessment of variations ordered by the Architect,Assessment of anticipated variations likely to be ordered by the Architect soon,Assessment of Contractor’s monetary claims entitled under the contract,Cash flow forecast

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