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General Physics
speed = total distance / total time
weight =
mass x acceleration of gravity
acceleration =
change in speed / change in time
density = mass
force =
mass x acceleration
extension =
a constant x load
work =
force x distance
potential energy =
mass x acceleration of gravity x height
kinetic energy =
½ x mass x velocity squared
energy efficiency =
energy output / energy input x 100%

energy used =work done
energy of a nuclear reaction =
mass x speed of light squared

power =energy / time

Cnetripetral force = massXvelocity2/radius

Physics of Waves
speed of a wave =
frequency x
angle of Incidence =
angle of reflection
index of refraction =
sine of incident angle / sine of refracted angle

Pressure = force / area    or    P1 x V1 = P2 x v2  

Thermal capacity =  specific heat capacity (j/kg) x mass

Pressure Liqiuds =hieght xPxgravity (n/m2)

Specific heat capacity = energy transferred / (mass x temp change)

Energy transferred = mass x specific heat capacity x temp change

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