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General characteristics eighteenth century, with regard to ideology, is characterized by praise ideals that are contrary to the crisis of the seventeenth. The basis of the ideas is called Enlightenment. It is also called the Cathedral. These ideas bring reform ideas, these ideas are based on reason, namely that it is a thinking and that it can do everything. There are two key influences: empiricism with authors such as Bacon, Hume, Locke, from England. At the same time there is another movement in France, not just thinkers, but writers such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu. These two influences are the strongest in Europe and are to be developed in Spain in the eighteenth century to be called Enlightenment. To this we must add the Industrial Revolution. Characteristics of the Enlightenment Spain is intended to make a more modern and for that all intellectuals are fighting against superstition. A level of intellectual and artistic reform occurs in public shows. It creates major intellectual institutions, such as the national library, the SAR, the royal academy of history. Concern about urban architecture, created by King Charles III who commissioned buildings useful to the public.Literary features a double movement occurs sought, on the one hand renew with the literature, ending the Baroque and partly to look for a cultural and social renewal. With regard to poetry will be very insignificant and will have a tendency to revert to classic prose grecolatinos.En terms, gender is the test most commonly used and usually have a very didactic and critical production. As the theater back to the three units, action, time and progresses lugarSegún eighteenth century almost all the authors begin to see romantic influences.

Scaffold is an aristocrat and as a result made frequent trips that allowed him to know the culture and ideological movements in Europe and his compositions include their level of education. He entered the army very young to travel throughout Spain met other writers very important especially in Madrid and Salamanca. In Salamanca contact with the Salamanca school, among which Melendez Valdes. He died young, at age 40 in the front of your production stand Gibraltar.EntreMoroccan Letters NIGHTS LUGRUBES, DON SANCHO GARCIA, OF MY YOUTH RECREATIONAL sciolist which is a prose satire against the smug writers. LUGRUBRES NIGHTS is written in prose and dialogue form. It is considered that this work is the first sign of pre-romanticism of philosophical reflections, its nightlife, venues like the cemetery, in a sentimental tone, and especially the issue is that the protagonist tries to dig his beloved. Moroccan Letters is a work that was published when he was dead and almost 90 letters, undated, describing the customs of the Spanish. The structure of the work is the exchange of letters between three people who will be the protagonists of the time, one Spanish called Nuno Nunez, another Moroccan named Gazel and a teacher old Ben Beley. Each of the three characters give your opinion, thoughts and comments on various issues but particularly on life in Spain. Criticizes the shortcomings of the Spanish, clothing, social relations and the views of these three, do not oppose but complement each giving us an overview of eighteenth-century Spain. His style is clear, concise and high syntactic correctness. We can also note the irony.

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