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In 1898 the United States defeated Spain. This means that Spain granted independence to Cuba and cede Puerto Rico and the Philippines to the United States. In 1902, Alfonso XIII came of age, with the disaster of 98 starts in Spain a crisis of bourgeois consciousness. The attitude of the intellectuals is rebellion. In this literature was to express dissent in two renewal movements: Modernism and the Generation of '98.
- The main theme of the generation is the problem of Spain after the disaster of '98. To fix suggested, at first, "Europeanization Spain."
- The search for roots made them appreciate the intrahistoria,
- The existential and religious issues worried the 98. Stresses his obsession with the passage of time, death, the meaning of life, and so on.
- The generation of 98 rejected, in general, the earlier rhetoric. Facing the nineteenth objectivism, are shown using subjective and lyricism.
- Highlight their innovations in literary genres, such as "Nivola" Unamuno and Valle Inclán esperpento.
Novel generation 98
In 1902 comes the renewal of the Spanish novel with:

The "Nivola" de Unamuno
- Unamuno expresses existential conflicts in his novels and his philosophical concerns. Therefore, the ideas become more important and simplifies the operation, description of the environment. The focus is inside the characters.
- To express the anguish and contradictions of the characters employs antitheses and paradoxes.
- His "Nivola" are "viviparous creation" because the novel is becoming to write .-- Baroja
the novel is a genre open or permeable because it covers everything: the philosophical, psychological, adventure ... rejects the existence of a prior plan, because the novel should be flowing like life.
- The novels must combine the imagination and direct observation of reality.
- Has a antirhetoric style because his language is colloquial and easy.
Baroja's novels are often grouped into trilogies.
José Martínez Ruiz 'Azorín "
- Presents an obsession with time and the transience of life, resulting in a sadness and melancholy in his novels.
- Her novels are close to the test
- Retrieve forgotten words.
- Highlight his three autobiographical novels that have a common character (Azorin) that gave the pseudonym the author
He wrote the Sonatas. with a clear modernist
The second phase of the trilogy written Carlist War, which uses a torn and rough language to express the horror of war.
In its third phase writes Tirano Banderas, who is a grotesque abuses of American dictator.

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