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The genetic instructions are carried in the sequence of DNA bases that make up each gene to produce proteins.DNA is arragenged in a Double helix.Each rung is called a pair of Bases.Short sections of DNA in chromos make up a gene.Each one consists of 100s bases.Each on controls he development of inherited characteristics.A gene always codes for a characteristic but it can have different forms.4 example tongue rolling.The alternative forms r called alleles.One that are notisable r called Dominant and ones that aren are called recessive.Mutation is a mistake is gnetics.A punnet square.Girl always has x boy x or y.Fossils are remains of plans or animals that kived 1000s years ago.When it dies microrganisms decompose it. Fossilation takes place under certain contiditions that prevebt decay or the destruption of the organisms structure ocurring.All living things have characteristics to help them survive.Competition beetwen indivuduals 4 food ,etc.The individuals that win are likely 2 survive if not they become extinct.It is called natural selection.It happens continuosly and can lead to the formationof new speaces .The gradual change over time is called evolution.

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