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European Parliament 

C: elected by the citizens of the members countries bu universal suffrage every five years.

F: mostly legislative.

S: Strasbourg, France.

European Council

C: heads of state ir goverment of all member state. The President of the European Council os elected every two and a half years.

F: promotes agreement between member state a.

S: Brussels, Belgium.

Council of the European Union

C: ministres from the member states. The Council meets to discuss different issues: agricultural, social policies, economy and finance, etc.

F: responsible for passing EU laws and approving the budget, together with European Parliament.

S: Brussels, but the Council also meet in Luxembourg.

European Commission 

C: a president and commissioners, each commissioner is in charge of a specific area of the European Union.

F: presents proposals for new European laws to the European Parliament and Council, controls the implementation of common EU policies and manages the budget.

S: Brussels.

Court of Justice of European Union

C: one judge from each member state of the European Union.

F: makes sure that EU legislation is interpreted and applied in the same way in all member states.

S: Luxembourg.

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