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                                   3.2Fishing grounds and regions.
                                         Today, Spanish fletes fish
                                         in national áreas, EU and
                                         international fishing especially
                                         those of the Atlantic and
                                         Indian oceans. To Fish
                                         internationally, the EU
                                         negociates and signs fishing
                                         agreements with the
                                         corresponding countries.
                                         The main Spanish fishing
                                         región Galicia.

                                        3.3Problems with fishing.
                                        -The most notable problems
                                         related to fishing are the
                                          small And ageing fishing
                                         populations, the excessive size
                                         of the fleet in relation to The
                                         resources of the fishing.
                                        -To resolve these problems,
                                            public administration have
                                         taken Different measures:
3.Fishing activity in Spain.            
-Spain has traditionally been
a major fishing nation,
although the physical
environment was not
very favourable due to
its small Continental platform.
Today, fishing remains
important, though not as

cauch as In the past.

3.1Characteristics of
the fishing indrustry.
-The fishing fleet has a
profound transformation.
It Includes, small ships,
and high-seas fleet,
composed of, modern
ships equipped With
the latest techonologies.

-The majority of the
species caught are fish
(tuna and Sardine). Other
species of great market
value are the molluses,
crustacean (pranws and
crabs) and cephalopods

-Fishing production is used
for human consumption of
fresh Fish. However, some
of the fish caught for
industrial transformation of oils.

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