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Have a nice trip= que tengas un buen viaje  Can´t de bothered=No molestarse

How do you do= muvho gusto encantado   Can´t make it= no poder hacerlo

I¨d love to come= yo lo haria                      Come round= volver

See you then= hasta luego                         Don´t feel like= no parecer

The same to you0 lo mismo                       Fed up=harto

Well done= bien echo                                Go out= salir

You¨re welcome= de nada                       Keep in touch= mantenerse en contacto

Set up dates= cita                                    Sounds good= sonido

Stay in= quedarse en casa                       Take a rain check= posponer


Hate, enjoy, like, dislike, love, can´t, stand, prefer, avoid, intereste, feel like, don´t mind


Difficult, hard, easy, happy, sad, want, decide, agree, promise, refuse, lucky, need, promise

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