Geographical features of the region of Murcia

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Main Features in Spain it is the international Movement of passengers that is mot important, and this is focused in the Airports of Madrid and Barcelona. However, there is a significant flow of Passengers through airportslocated in And near to popular tourist destinations, such as those of Palma, Malaga and Tenerife. In contrast, the use of air transport for Merchandise is frequent. Efforts are currently being made to increase This use of transports by improving the cargo sections of a number of airports. The important of Spain in terms of tourism what have Favourable factors influence the development of tourism in since the sixties.Spain Is, together with France and The USA, One of the main global centres for tourism, both in terms of tourist numbers And the income generated by this activity. In 2014 59,8 million tourist visited Spain And tourism contributed almost 12% to GPD. There are a number of tourism in Spain Since 1960s. These include the proximity of a European costumers base the Natural conditions provided by hot summers and excellent beaches; the rich and Diverse cultural, artistic, folkloric and gastronomic offer, the range of Infrastructure and the country’s safety and political stability in comparison To other nearby competitor countries. What is the Main type of tourism in Spain Explain the main features what other types of tourism have been promoted Describe the foreign and national demand for tourism beach holiday tourism is the main type of tourism. This type above all takes place during the summer months and in certain Geographical areas, such as the peninsular Mediterranean and the Balearic and Canary Islands. As a result, for many years now other types have also been promoted, such as Alpine tourism in ski resorts, environmental tourism in natural locations, Cultural tourism in cities with a historic heritage, as well as the tourism Offer provided by Madrid And business tourism. In addition to this, emerging types of tourism have been Identified such as cruise ships and shopping. The foreign Demand for tourism is above all European(especially German, British and French) and is focused in the summer months. The national demand comes mainly From Madrid, Catalonia and Andalucía national tourists Also seek other types of tourism and this is more evenly distributed across the Territory throughout the year.

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