Geographical features of the region of Murcia

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6.Landforms geographical features which can be observed on the Earths surfac.Landforms are dynamic,caused by the opposition action of-internal process:these tend to built&lift them.-External process:led to shape them.They are differ.Types that are characteristic of each morphoclimatic zone:glacial,periglacial,desert,semi-desert&fluvial .6.1Glacial landforms:the climate causes snow to accumulate year after year.This is transformed into ice,which prevets vegetat. From growing. 6.2Periglacial landforms:allows the growth of sparse vegetat.Such as lichens. 6.3Deset landf:characterized by infrequent precipitation&intense evaporation.The conseq is little vegetat.&hardly any water in the ground during most of the year. 6.4Semi-desert landf :irregular&torrential. 6.5Karst landf:depend on the presence of particular types of rocks rather than the climate.Karst topography is found in areas with soluble rocks,such as limestone&granite.

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