Who did George try to find out

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3. I can not go out last night because I Have three exams.

4. Can you stop hurrying me up that you're making me nervous?

5. I'm sorry I lost the keys again, I promise you will not happen again

6. I do not agree with you because I do not use it so much.

Each year, there are many Students who complete bachillerato and these do not know what to do later.

Some students from an early age are clear about what they would like to work on In the future, and they carry out their studies without any difficulty with a Clear objective.

However, many other students when they finish bachillerato find themselves in Difficulties because they are not clear what to study. Some get into higher Cycles and others directly get into a race which they end up taking away Because they do not like it.

In conclusion, you have to think well what you want to study after bachillerato Because if you think of career will be years lost and money badly spent.

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