Who did George try to find out

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costar:cost cost cost-cortar:cut cut cut-golpear:hit hit hit-herir:hut hut hut-poner:put put put-leer:read read read-venir:come came come-correr

run ran run-traer:bring brought brought-comprar:buy bought bought-sentir:feel felt felt-encontrar:find found found-conseguir:get got got-

tener:have had had-perder:lose lost lost-hacer:make made made-quedar:meet met met-pagar:pay paid paid-decir:say said said-vender:sell sold

sold-enviar:send sent sent-sentarse:sip sat sat-dormir:sleep slept slept-gastar:spend spent spent-enseñar:teach taught taught-decir:tell told told

pensar:think tought tought-entender:understand understood undertood-ganar:win won won-beber:drink drank drunk-ser:be was been-

romper:break broke broken-hacer:do did done-conducir:drive drove driven-comer:eat ate eaten-caer:fall fell fallen-volar:fly flew flown-olvidar:

gorget forgot forgotten-perdonar:forgive forgave forgiven-dar:give gave given-ir:go went gone-saber:know knew known-montar:ride rode

ridden-ver:see saw seen-hablar:speak spoke spoken-coger:take took taken-escribir:write wrote written.

difficult-easy  old-new   open-close   interesting-boring    dirty-clean

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