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HisPossibleUseOfDrugsAndHisUnlimitedAmbition. A.False(“ThereHadAlwaysBeenDoubtsAboutHisFirstTitleWithBenetton”) B.False(“FerrariWasTheRichestTeamAndHadUnlimitedResources”) C.False(“SchumacherOftenSeemedOftenSeemedToActWithoutMorals,And ToBePreparedToDoLiterallyAnythingToWin”) D.True(“ASportsmanWhoRaisedStandardsInHisChosenArenaCarved
HimselfAPlaceInSportingImmortality”) a. Mystery c. Proof b. Career d. Wonder a. Highly c. Reading b. Spanned d. Won Nobody outside his personal circle knows anything about his physical condition b. In spite of / despite having found illegal driving aids in the car, Benetton was not punished. Despite the fact that illegal driving aids were found in the car, Benetton was not punished In spite of the illegal driving aids found in the car, Benetton was not punished. C. He is made all the more interesting due to/because of/ by theORDINARIA19BPeople think that teenagers’ use of new technologies is very pernicious for their socialization, but the author believes that all new technological devices have caused a lot of concern among parents. In fact social scientists indicate that digital life has many advantages. What parents can do is to set a good example for their children. 2. Mark the following … a. False (…” the digital lives of teenagers have become the target of weekly attacks. (…) it was creating a uniquely shallow and trivial culture”) b. True. (“making kids unable to communicate face to face”) c. True (“new technologies always provoke generational panic, which usually has more to do with adult fears than with the lives of teenagers”) d. True (“Parents who stare non-stop at their phones and don’t read books are likely to breed kids who will do the same. As ever we ought to scrutinize our own behaviour”) 3. Find words… a. Target c. Unwilling b. Shallow d. Breed 4. Pronunciation a. Benches c. Perish b. Intended d. Mayor a. “…how often she texted and she told me/ answered (that) she texted 250 times a day” b. “…the social media, would you become unable, or unwilling, to engage in face-to-face contact? C. … feared that the radio would/ could/ might gain “an invincible hold of their children” extra19a Scooters are very popular among young and professional people. They are very practical because they don’t need any parking space or petrol and are portable. However, they can be dangerous when driven in the roadway, without helmet and not following traffic rules. They have a long tradition and have been on and off trend.  a. T Scooters are handy for restaurant deliveries b. F (In crowded Japan)….People wanting to buy scooters may have to wait months c. F ..Few of their riders wear helmets. D. T unlike cars, they are relatively cheap a. Rage c. Commuter b. Aisles d. Trendy a. Bumped c. Are b. Cook d. This a. People say that PH scoots the long halls of the royal palaces b. Scooters are portable, but bikes are not. C. I wish I had had the money to buy the scooterextra19b AsANew-Year’SResolutionItIsNotSoDifficultToImproveOurHealthIfWeConsider
MentalFitness.TwoOtherImportantFactorsAreHappinessAndSleep. a. F .. By building self-awareness, to recognize and understand your moods, emotions and drives, so that you can begin to act more consciously to make better choices for yourself. B. F …but it is not only quantity we should be striving for, but also diversity c. F …allergies, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinson’s, and even depression have all been linked to the bacteria in our gut. … About overweight people he wrote: “Let’s slap fat people when you see them…” d. F …since even being mildly deprived of it (sleep) can affect a range of cognitive functions, including decision making.
3. Find words… a. Drives c. Key b. Quit d. Avoiding 4. Pronunciation a. Acted c. Silk b. Tough d. Then 5. Complete.. A. Why is it that they are building that house? OR Why is that house being built? B. I wish I had seen her when she was in town c. Despite being a talented player, she hasn’t won any games yet. OR Despite the fact that she is a talented player, she hasn’t won any games yet

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