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COLUMBUS DAY PARADE: world largest vcelebration of italian-American culture that celebrate de important contributions that the italians to the USA 10

1500- average of calories in the freakshake invented in Australia with cake brownies, cookies caramel...
WORLD ANIMAL DAY-you can organize an event or just sign an online petition for a cause you support. To make a difference for animals 4
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE: Ghandi inspired civil rights movements arround the world insisting in non-violence resistance 2 
HALLOWEN- Celtic tradition began in 16th century 31
MAD HATTER DAY- inspired in the book of alice´s Adventures they wear a hat like the Hatter 
1066 the Nomans defeated the english on english soil in 15 of october and marked the start of the noman conquest
ASA: he has 19 years old and this month he has the major role in Miss Peregrine´s Home for Peculiar Children. When he was 9 years old he has doubts about being an actor but 5 years later he starts to like acting, he didn´t wan´t to have class at home, he is careful about the roles that he accept  he never accept a role that couldn´t connect with h, he´s favourite director is Tim Burton and his favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio because he has made a lot of contributions to the planet and environment
THE STORY- one day yhe portman´s grandpa that suffers from dementia phones he saying that a monster take he, Portman tries to calm he and later goes with a friend to see if his grandpa was okay and they find he outside on the ground he sais something and then dies after that Portman visit a psyachrist because he has nightmares. He convinces to go to the island where it was the orphanate or her grandfather when he arrive to the island any one was alive, one day he saws to children running and he chases after them and they go to the past after the bomb and Peregrine the headmistress of the orphanate said that they go to the past to be safe. They discover that they also have powers like his grandparent and they used it to fight against a monster that has taken Peregrine. After that Peregrine can´t return to be a human and Jacob has to go into another adventure

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