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Last March 25th was the wedding of my boyfriend's cousin in Tafalla, It was A wonderful day. I got up early to Go to the hairdresser. When I was ready we went to a bar to meet With the other people at 11.30.Half an hour later We all went to the city hall, there were many people.The event was very emotional, spoke the father of the bride, friends, Cousins .. Also sang many songs, everyone cried!!. At The end of the act they were surprised with a dance of “dantza”.The food was in the hotel hello tafalla, As it was raining the appetizer could not be served on the terrace. When we went to eat we had to find our names on the Tables, each table had a name of a rock group. The food was delicious, in the Desserts we saw a video of their lives. After the dance we were the youngest to The pub of Tafalla, was a day exhausted.

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